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Romeroca Industry Co., Limited

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Romeroca Industry Co., Limited

Romeroca is a professional sales and technology service company dedicated to the flooring industry for 15 years. Our headquarter is located in Changzhou, a city famous for FLOORING, Jiangsu, China. We have branches in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Romeroca specializes in producing and selling laminate flooring and PVC flooring, which are exported to 82 countries over the world.

Since 2015, Romeroca is committed to providing one-stop supply and services for overseas flooring factories, including flooring production line, flooring raw materials, and technical services. Romeroca provides product consultancy, inspection, new product development, and strategic analysis for customers who need to purchase flooring. Provide professional consultancy and overall solutions for customers who want to open flooring factory and those have already opened flooring factory.

Romeroca aims to integrate flooring industry supply chain in China, to establish a perfect flooring production chain overseas!

Who we are?

Romeroca Industry Co., Limited


Romeroca hold manufacturer in Laminate flooring, LVT, WPC and SPC, means whatever you meet,we even faced it in past years,that is why we have solutions.


Romeroca Offer one-stop services from materials, machinery and technical,we have a strong technical team, our Romeroca Team, Our machinery engineer team, Our manufacturer technical manager..


Romeroca Update popular colors and products on time, We know what the more attractive products, because we are 13 years experience in floor industry.


Romeroca offer over 36 months services and strategy support for our partner, We spend lots time to talk about our strategy, what products we will do, who will be our competitors, how we can win, what about next stage, try to improve our partners core-advantage, our mission is: make sure they will be successful.


Romeroca Industry Co., Limited

  • We have 15 years of experience in flooring industry.
  • We are the only company that provides one-stop solution for the overall project overseas.
  • We provide our customers with 36 months of after-sales service.

Our project

Romeroca’s some project cases in Global Market

In 2016, Laminate Flooring Construction in Hoa Binh, Vietnam
In 2018, Laminate and SPC Flooring Factory in Vietnam
In 2019, Flooring New Click Innovation in Saudi Arabia
In 2019, SPC flooring Production Line in Son Tay, Vietnam
  • 2015- MDF Skirting Factory , Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 2016- Laminate Flooring Factory , Hoa Binh,Vietnam
  • 2018- SPC Flooring Factory , Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 2018- Laminate Flooring Factory, Tabriz, Iran
  • 2019- New Click Innovation for Laminate Factory , Saudi Arabia
  • 2019- SPC Flooring Factory, Son Tay, Vietnam
  • 2020- SPC Flooring Factory , Vinh Phuc, Vietnam